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EnOcean® 2-Way Wireless Enclosed Relays

Functional Devices Wireless Enclosed RelayRibRelays.com has added five new EnOcean® Enabled 2-Way Wireless Enclosed Relays to our Functional Devices online store.  The new relays are RIBW01B-EN2, RIBW208B-EN2, RIBW240B-EN2, RIBW24B-EN2 and RIBW277B-EN2.

These EnOcean® Enabled 2-Way Wireless Enclosed Relays can be used for many applications including:

  • Building Automation Applications (e.g.,  Bi-­‐directional control and status, Bi‐directional relay output and dry contact sensor input, one way relay load control, Go/No-­‐go current sensing)
  • Lighting Applications (e.g., simple lighting control, occupancy detection)
  • Energy Saving Applications (e.g., door and window switches, hotel room energy control)

View the EN2 Application Guide for details on EnOcean® Enabled 2-Way Wireless Enclosed Relay Applications.

View the EnOcean Wireless Range Planning Guide to learn more about EnOcean wireless technology and transmission distances.