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RIBU1C – Most Popular Relay

Which RIB relay do people buy the most?

If you have browsed through RibRelays.com, you know we carry 100’s of RIB Relays (relays in a box). While we have many we sell regularly, the RIBU1C is hands-down the RIB relay we sell the most. We carry the following versions of the RIBu1C RIB relay:

RIBU1C  RIBU1C rib relay
Enclosed Relay 10 Amp SPDT with 10-30 Vac/dc/ 120 Vac Coil

Enclosed Relay NEMA4/4X 10Amp SPDT 10-30Vac/dc/120Vac

RIBU1C-RD is an Enclosed Relay 10Amp SPDT 10-30Vac/dc/120Vac in Red Housing

Enclosed Pilot Relay Hi/Low sep. 15Amp SPDT 10-30Vac/dc/120Vac

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Controlling a Closet Light with a RIB Relay

We received the following question about using a RIBU1C  to control a closet light.

I bought a RIBU1C relay to control a closet light by using a small low voltage switch in the door jam. I have a 24volt transformer and 120 volts for the lights. Would you please help me with an explanation of where my wires go to yours.

A CLC212 closet light switch (enclosed 10A SPST, 120-277 Vac) would work for this application. With a CLC212 closet switch you can use existing wiring to turn on the closet light just by opening the closet door.

To explain how to connect the RIBU1C, we put together the following  schematic.

RIBU1C RIB relay schematic

RIB Relay Closet Light Schematic

Contest: How do you use RIB relays?

RibRelays.com wants to know how you use relays in a box (RIB relays).

How to enter:

If you use RIB relays, tell us about your favorite way to use them.  If you’ve never used a RIB relay (what are you waiting for?!), tell us your favorite feature of a RIB relay, based on what you’ve seen about them.

  • Post a comment on this blog post
  • Write on the RIB Relays Facebook wall
  • Post your story on YouTube, your blog, your website, etc. and email the link to support (AT) ribrelays.com.
  • Send an email to support (AT) ribrelays.com.

We will be choosing our favorite entry with bonus points awarded for video entries and entries that are interesting, funny or include pictures!

Each person can submit up to 3 entries for consideration.

Deadline to enter: May 31, 2011

RIB Relays Hat

You'd look awesome in this shirt and hat.

The prize:

A RibRelays.com gift pack including a $25 gift certificate to RibRelays.com, a t-shirt, a baseball hat and more!

Notification:  We will announce the winner on Facebook, Twitter and this blog on or before Monday, June 6, 2011. If we don’t hear back within one week from the original winner, a new winner will be selected.

RIB02BDC Question


RIB02BDC RIB relay

We will periodically be sharing some of the  questions about RIB relays we get from customers. We hope you find this helpful!

This is a question we recently received from a customer about RIB02BDC.

Will an RIB02BDC relay work with a 240 volt heater turning on and off both phases with a thermostat?

The RIB02BDC is a 20 Amp SPDT relay and therefore will not break both phases of a 240 volt heater. You would need to use an RIB24P (24V Coil), RIB01P (120V Coil) or RIB02P (208V Coil).

A Relay in a Box Vs. an Ice Cube Relay

Relay in a box relays (RIB relays) are convenient.  Listen in on this conversation to learn more…

RIB Relays vs Ice Cube Relays

RIB Relays vs Ice Cube Relays

Don’t have speakers? Want to re-create the scene with your co-workers? Here’s the video transcript:

CopperDo you have ice cube relays?
Red: No, I only use RIB relays.
Copper: Why?
Red: Here’s 4 reasons why it’s more convenient to use RIB relays. First reason: a RIB relay is one piece. A complete package in one piece. I love that! Second reason: RIB relays are multi-voltage. I hate when I go to a job site with 24 volt ice cube relays, but the project requires 120 volts to power up a relay!
CopperThat drives me crazy about ice cube relays too! Hand over some RIB relays, please.
Red: Wait! I still have two other reasons I like RIB relays more than ice cube relays.  RIB relays have multi-contact ratings which lowers the inventory I need to keep in my van. And one more reason, the ice cube relay requires din rail to be mounted. The RIB relay has multiple installation methods such as conduit and screw mounting. Like I said, they are just so much more convenient.
CopperI need to get some RIB relays!

Red RIB Relay

RIB relays come in red,

RIB relays are reliable too,

We’re happy to be here,

Providing all kinds of RIB relays for you!

Red RIB Relay



Buy a RIB Relay Online – It’s Easier, Faster and Cheaper



This post is about Reason #3 our customers buy their RIB relays online:  they  save money!

Shopping online makes it easy to comparison shop. RibRelays.com has great prices on 100’s of Functional Devices products from a RIB relay to a TR20VA001 to a PSB100AB10.

In Reason #2 to buy a rib relay online I talked about how much time you save buying a RIB relay online. Ordering online is an efficient use of your time. And, we all know Time is Money. Using RibRelays.com, you can find and buy what you need – quickly, with NO travel time. 

You may be thinking… what about the shipping costs? How does paying shipping save me money?! First, chances are, you will save money on the item itself. Depending on your location, you may also save on tax. Second, you are saving time. How much is your time worth? Third, you are saving on gas and wear and tear on your vehicle. And finally, you may need to pay shipping costs even if you order the product in person.

And there you have it… buy rib relays and other Functional Devices products from RibRelays.com to:

#1: experience convenience,
#2: save time, and
#3: save money!

What are you waiting for?