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Looking for a Relay Wiring Diagram?

Need a RIB relay wiring diagram?

How about a RIB relay AutoCAD drawing?

Or a RIB relay Visio drawing?

Then you should know about a terrific resource on the Functional Devices website. From the Functional Devices website you can download RIB Relays Data Sheets, Wiring Diagrams, AutoCAD Drawings and Visio Drawings all in one place. As you research RIB relays, transformers, current sensors and power supplies make sure to take a look at the site. Many of the Functional Devices products that we sell in our online store ControlConsultantsOnline.com have wiring diagrams and other resources available for download!

RIBU1C Wiring Diagram
RIBU1C Wiring Diagram

EnOcean® 2-Way Wireless Enclosed Relays

Functional Devices Wireless Enclosed RelayRibRelays.com has added five new EnOcean® Enabled 2-Way Wireless Enclosed Relays to our Functional Devices online store.  The new relays are RIBW01B-EN2, RIBW208B-EN2, RIBW240B-EN2, RIBW24B-EN2 and RIBW277B-EN2.

These EnOcean® Enabled 2-Way Wireless Enclosed Relays can be used for many applications including:

  • Building Automation Applications (e.g.,  Bi-­‐directional control and status, Bi‐directional relay output and dry contact sensor input, one way relay load control, Go/No-­‐go current sensing)
  • Lighting Applications (e.g., simple lighting control, occupancy detection)
  • Energy Saving Applications (e.g., door and window switches, hotel room energy control)

View the EN2 Application Guide for details on EnOcean® Enabled 2-Way Wireless Enclosed Relay Applications.

View the EnOcean Wireless Range Planning Guide to learn more about EnOcean wireless technology and transmission distances.

Power Supply Products from Functional Devices

PSB100AB10 Power SupplyRibRelays.com sells a number of Functional Devices power supply products, and this week we’ve added more!  The newest power supplies that are now for sale in our online store include the following:

PSB100AB10-IC-TC – A Class 2 Power Supply – UL508 Open Bracket Single 100VA 120-24Vac UL with a 10 Amp Breaker & Terminal Cover

PSH100AB10-EXT2 – A Class 2 Power Supply – Enclosed Single 100VA 120 to 24Vac UL with 10 Amp main breaker with input extension cord

Learn more, download data sheets and purchase these and many other Class 2 power supply products like PSB100AB10, PSB40AB10, PSH100A and PSH500A at RibRelays.com.

RIB02BDC Question


RIB02BDC RIB relay

We will periodically be sharing some of the  questions about RIB relays we get from customers. We hope you find this helpful!

This is a question we recently received from a customer about RIB02BDC.

Will an RIB02BDC relay work with a 240 volt heater turning on and off both phases with a thermostat?

The RIB02BDC is a 20 Amp SPDT relay and therefore will not break both phases of a 240 volt heater. You would need to use an RIB24P (24V Coil), RIB01P (120V Coil) or RIB02P (208V Coil).

Red RIB Relay

RIB relays come in red,

RIB relays are reliable too,

We’re happy to be here,

Providing all kinds of RIB relays for you!

Red RIB Relay



Buy a RIB Relay Online – It’s Easier, Faster and Cheaper



This post is about Reason #3 our customers buy their RIB relays online:  they  save money!

Shopping online makes it easy to comparison shop. RibRelays.com has great prices on 100’s of Functional Devices products from a RIB relay to a TR20VA001 to a PSB100AB10.

In Reason #2 to buy a rib relay online I talked about how much time you save buying a RIB relay online. Ordering online is an efficient use of your time. And, we all know Time is Money. Using RibRelays.com, you can find and buy what you need – quickly, with NO travel time. 

You may be thinking… what about the shipping costs? How does paying shipping save me money?! First, chances are, you will save money on the item itself. Depending on your location, you may also save on tax. Second, you are saving time. How much is your time worth? Third, you are saving on gas and wear and tear on your vehicle. And finally, you may need to pay shipping costs even if you order the product in person.

And there you have it… buy rib relays and other Functional Devices products from RibRelays.com to:

#1: experience convenience,
#2: save time, and
#3: save money!

What are you waiting for?

Installing a RIB relay

Installing a RIB relay  is straight forward and much easier than installing component parts.  Watch this video to see just how easy it is to use a RIB relay.

I’m going to take a minute today to introduce you to RIB, which is relay in a box.  It is a pre-packaged enclosure for your convenience.  It has an LED indicator to show when the coils have been activated.  It has a nipple mount and 16 inches of 16 gauge wire.  I’m going to show you just how easy it is to mount one of these. This is your enclosure and it has 1/2″ knock outs…