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Thank you to everyone who has visited this blog regularly and sent in questions. We appreciate it!

We are consolidating our blogs, and will not be adding new posts to this blog, so please come on over and visit us at our Control Consultants, Inc. blog or visit our online store where we sell automatic building controls and commercial HVAC equipment. If you found this blog because you are looking for RIB relays from Functional Devices, take a look at the RIB relays you can purchase online from us.


Rib Relay Promo Gift Certificate


rib relay

RIB relay RIBU1C

Win a gift certificate! This week is your last chance to enter the How Do You Use RIB Relays Contest.

What is your favorite use for a relay in a box? Let us know how you use RIB relays and you will be entered to win the gift certificate and a bunch of RIB relay swag. This blog post gives you the details on how to enter.

Don’t miss out – entries must be received by Tuesday, May 31, 2011.


Current Sensor Question

RIBXGTA current sensor

RIBXGTA Enclosed Split-Core Sensor

This is a question we received this week about current sensors.

Can you use a current switch contact to energize a contactor coil if I have 24 volt transformer power going through the contact to power a contactor coil? I am not sure how the switch works if the switch needs its own power or just closes a contact when current is sensed? I have to interlock 3 exhaust fans and a damper and this would make my life easier.

Answer can make your life easier – our RIB current sensors will work perfectly for your application. A RIB current sensor will close its contact when current is sensed. You do not need additional power for the RIB to function.

We currently have two styles of current sensors that you can choose for this application such as the RIBXKTF (Enlosed Solid-Core Sensor) or RIBXGTA (Enclosed Split-Core Sensor). You will select the current sensor you need based on the amperage draw being applied to the sensor.  BHUW3TCXGXZS

Reason #2 to buy a RIB relay online

My last post talked about how convenient it is to buy a RIB relay online. Reason #2 goes hand in hand with convenience, buying a rib relay online saves you time.

Sometimes shopping online presents you with so many options it is difficult to make a decision about what you need. Not the case when you are purchasing a RIB relay online.

When you need a rib relay, you need a rib relay. Come to Type in the Functional Devices part #. See a picture and read product information. Buy it for a great price. Have your Functional Devices parts shipped directly to you.


You didn’t need to call around to find the part. You didn’t need to drive to pick it up.  You didn’t drive, so you didn’t have to  stop for gas. You didn’t go out, so you didn’t leave your gloves, hat, wallet, [insert what you lose here] anywhere you were along the way – so you didn’t need to spend any time backtracking to find them. And, you didn’t need to make a special stop for a coffee to warm up after being out in the cold winter air.