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A Power Supply, a RIB Relay and a Transformer Walked Into a Store

…so we started selling them!

TR20VA004 Transformer

TR20VA004 Transformer made by Functional Devices

We’ve added the following new Functional Devices products to

TR20VA004 is a transformer.
20VA, 277/240/208/120-24V,2 hub,Class 2 UL List US/Canada, Inherent Limit.

PSH40A100A-IC is a power supply.
UL508 Enclosed 40VA & 100VA 120 to 24Vac UL class 2 power supply

RIB01P30 is a RIB relay.
Enclosed Relay 30Amp 120Vac

CTRL-PS is an enclosed power supply in metal housing.
Enclosed PSMN40AS in MH1000 w/din rail and MT212-4

RIBH1S-MNO is an enclosed relay.
10Amp SPST-NO + Mom Override 10-30Vac/dc/208-277Vac

Purchase these new Functional Devices products and 100’s of others at


EnOcean® 2-Way Wireless Enclosed Relays

Functional Devices Wireless Enclosed has added five new EnOcean® Enabled 2-Way Wireless Enclosed Relays to our Functional Devices online store.  The new relays are RIBW01B-EN2, RIBW208B-EN2, RIBW240B-EN2, RIBW24B-EN2 and RIBW277B-EN2.

These EnOcean® Enabled 2-Way Wireless Enclosed Relays can be used for many applications including:

  • Building Automation Applications (e.g.,  Bi-­‐directional control and status, Bi‐directional relay output and dry contact sensor input, one way relay load control, Go/No-­‐go current sensing)
  • Lighting Applications (e.g., simple lighting control, occupancy detection)
  • Energy Saving Applications (e.g., door and window switches, hotel room energy control)

View the EN2 Application Guide for details on EnOcean® Enabled 2-Way Wireless Enclosed Relay Applications.

View the EnOcean Wireless Range Planning Guide to learn more about EnOcean wireless technology and transmission distances.

Power Supply Products from Functional Devices

PSB100AB10 Power sells a number of Functional Devices power supply products, and this week we’ve added more!  The newest power supplies that are now for sale in our online store include the following:

PSB100AB10-IC-TC – A Class 2 Power Supply – UL508 Open Bracket Single 100VA 120-24Vac UL with a 10 Amp Breaker & Terminal Cover

PSH100AB10-EXT2 – A Class 2 Power Supply – Enclosed Single 100VA 120 to 24Vac UL with 10 Amp main breaker with input extension cord

Learn more, download data sheets and purchase these and many other Class 2 power supply products like PSB100AB10, PSB40AB10, PSH100A and PSH500A at

RIBMNLB Has New Features

RIBMNLB AHU Fan Safety Alarm CircuitFunctional Devices has added new features to the RIBMNLB AHU Fan Safety Alarm Circuit.

RIBMNLB, a 2.75˝ Track Mount AHU Fan Safety Alarm Circuit, combines relay logic to facilitate fan status, fan safety control, and damper actuator control.  It is intended for use in a circuit that will control fan start/stop and fan safety shut-down circuit. It monitors three critical inputs:

  • Low-limit freeze protection (to stop fan and remove power from damper actuator)
  • Static pressure (to monitor for hi/low pressure condition)
  • Smoke detector/fire alarm

New RIBMNLB features include:

  • DIP switch allows any input to be manually latched.
  • Inputs can be programmed either Normally Open or Normally Closed.
  • Dry contact output (10 Amp @ 277 Vac) added. Can be used for ‘direct interlock’ with another fan.

Visit for more information and the easiest way to purchase the RIBMNLB, RIBMNLB-2, RIBMNLB-4 or RIBMNLB-6.

RIB Relays Discounts, Promotions and Coupon Codes


RIBU1C rib relay

RIBU1C RIB relay offers a discount to our Facebook followers! Like us, send us a message and we’ll respond with a discount code for 5% off your order.

We also randomly select one Facebook follower each month and send them a gift pack. Like on Facebook for your chance to win!

RIBU1C Questions

What is the most popular RIB Relay?
The RIBU1C  is the RIB relay we sell the most here at

What is the RIBU1C?
The RIBU1C is a versatile relay in a box and can be used for energizing motors like fan motors, water pumps and VFDs.

Can the RIBU1C be used outside?
Self-enclosed RIB relays like the RIBU1C can be used outside if they are housed in a NEMA 4 or NEMA 4X rated enclosure. You can even get an RIBU1C-N4   which is an RIBU1C in NEMA 4X housing.

How do I connect an RIBU1C rib relay?

How to connect an RIBU1C RIB Relay

Source:’s New Products

Functional Devices has new products! is excited to have them available for purchase through our online RIB Relay store.  The new products are:

Enclosed Relays 10Amp 1 SPST-NO + Mom Switch and 1 SPDT 10-30Vac/dc/120Vac

Terminal Cover for PSH500A and PSH300A

Enclosed Switch 20Amp Momentary 2-position 2-wire

Enclosed Relay 20Amp SPDT-NO + Mom Override 24Vac/dc/120Vac/208-277Vac