RIBMNLB Has New Features

RIBMNLB AHU Fan Safety Alarm CircuitFunctional Devices has added new features to the RIBMNLB AHU Fan Safety Alarm Circuit.

RIBMNLB, a 2.75˝ Track Mount AHU Fan Safety Alarm Circuit, combines relay logic to facilitate fan status, fan safety control, and damper actuator control.  It is intended for use in a circuit that will control fan start/stop and fan safety shut-down circuit. It monitors three critical inputs:

  • Low-limit freeze protection (to stop fan and remove power from damper actuator)
  • Static pressure (to monitor for hi/low pressure condition)
  • Smoke detector/fire alarm

New RIBMNLB features include:

  • DIP switch allows any input to be manually latched.
  • Inputs can be programmed either Normally Open or Normally Closed.
  • Dry contact output (10 Amp @ 277 Vac) added. Can be used for ‘direct interlock’ with another fan.

Visit RibRelays.com for more information and the easiest way to purchase the RIBMNLB, RIBMNLB-2, RIBMNLB-4 or RIBMNLB-6.


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