RIBU1C Questions

What is the most popular RIB Relay?
The RIBU1C  is the RIB relay we sell the most here at RibRelays.com.

What is the RIBU1C?
The RIBU1C is a versatile relay in a box and can be used for energizing motors like fan motors, water pumps and VFDs.

Can the RIBU1C be used outside?
Self-enclosed RIB relays like the RIBU1C can be used outside if they are housed in a NEMA 4 or NEMA 4X rated enclosure. You can even get an RIBU1C-N4   which is an RIBU1C in NEMA 4X housing.

How do I connect an RIBU1C rib relay?

How to connect an RIBU1C RIB Relay

Source: Functionaldevices.com


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