RIBU1C – Most Popular Relay

Which RIB relay do people buy the most?

If you have browsed through RibRelays.com, you know we carry 100’s of RIB Relays (relays in a box). While we have many we sell regularly, the RIBU1C is hands-down the RIB relay we sell the most. We carry the following versions of the RIBu1C RIB relay:

RIBU1C  RIBU1C rib relay
Enclosed Relay 10 Amp SPDT with 10-30 Vac/dc/ 120 Vac Coil

Enclosed Relay NEMA4/4X 10Amp SPDT 10-30Vac/dc/120Vac

RIBU1C-RD is an Enclosed Relay 10Amp SPDT 10-30Vac/dc/120Vac in Red Housing

Enclosed Pilot Relay Hi/Low sep. 15Amp SPDT 10-30Vac/dc/120Vac

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