New Closet Light Controller


CLC212-D15 Lighting Controller has added a new product, CLC212-D15, a new closet light controller to our selection of Functional Devices Lighting Controls.

Functional Devices makes several closet light controllers designed to switch a lighting load (ON/OFF) determined by the opening or closing of a variety of switches. For example, door jam switches, magnetic switches, ball switches, etc. This allows for convenient closet light control.

With the newest lighting controller, CLC212-D15, your closet light will switch off after 15 minutes if the closet door is left open. If you want the light to stay on after the door is open, simply open the door, close and reopen within three seconds.


  • Light automatically shuts off if door is left open for more than 15 minutes
  • 10 Amp N/O relay
  • UL listed
  • 120-277 Vac power
  • No transformer needed (dry contact input)
  • Light 18 AWG wire used to control relay, instead of armored cable
  • Perfect for new construction
  • Made in the USA

The CLC212-D15 is a simple lighting control solution that offers big convenience and energy savings.


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