Controlling a Closet Light with a RIB Relay

We received the following question about using a RIBU1C  to control a closet light.

I bought a RIBU1C relay to control a closet light by using a small low voltage switch in the door jam. I have a 24volt transformer and 120 volts for the lights. Would you please help me with an explanation of where my wires go to yours.

A CLC212 closet light switch (enclosed 10A SPST, 120-277 Vac) would work for this application. With a CLC212 closet switch you can use existing wiring to turn on the closet light just by opening the closet door.

To explain how to connect the RIBU1C, we put together the following  schematic.

RIBU1C RIB relay schematic

RIB Relay Closet Light Schematic


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