Current Sensor Question

RIBXGTA current sensor

RIBXGTA Enclosed Split-Core Sensor

This is a question we received this week about current sensors.

Can you use a current switch contact to energize a contactor coil if I have 24 volt transformer power going through the contact to power a contactor coil? I am not sure how the switch works if the switch needs its own power or just closes a contact when current is sensed? I have to interlock 3 exhaust fans and a damper and this would make my life easier.

Answer can make your life easier – our RIB current sensors will work perfectly for your application. A RIB current sensor will close its contact when current is sensed. You do not need additional power for the RIB to function.

We currently have two styles of current sensors that you can choose for this application such as the RIBXKTF (Enlosed Solid-Core Sensor) or RIBXGTA (Enclosed Split-Core Sensor). You will select the current sensor you need based on the amperage draw being applied to the sensor.  BHUW3TCXGXZS


2 responses to “Current Sensor Question

  1. Need a rib for a generator start to close dry set of contacts when generator starts line voltage from transfer switch to trip NO to close to an alarm panel and let customer know that the generator starts every week or in an event of no power. Which RIB part # do i need thank you

    • Thank you for your question!

      The main things to know when choosing a RIB are:
      •Coil voltage to activate RIB
      •RIB contact style (SPDT, DPDT, and so forth)
      •Type of load RIB will control (resistive, motor, lighting, dry contact)
      •Voltage and amperage (or HorsePower) of load

      We’re not sure from your message what you want the RIB to do, but maybe you want a RIB to be activated by the same voltage that activates the generator, and then want the RIB to close its contact and connect to the dry contact input of an alarm system?

      Here are popular models to consider…

      For 120V coil voltage:
      RIBU1C (has SPDT contacts rated for 10 Amps). Excellent for dry contact output
      RIB2401B (has SPDT contacts rated for 20 Amps).

      For 208 – 277 V coil voltage:
      RIBH1C (has SPDT contacts rated for 10 Amps). Excellent for dry contact output
      RIB2402B (has SPDT contacts rated for 20 Amps).

      Note: We don’t maintain this blog regularly anymore, please contact us through if you have more questions or to purchase RIB relays.

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