A Relay in a Box Vs. an Ice Cube Relay

Relay in a box relays (RIB relays) are convenient.  Listen in on this conversation to learn more…

RIB Relays vs Ice Cube Relays

RIB Relays vs Ice Cube Relays

Don’t have speakers? Want to re-create the scene with your co-workers? Here’s the video transcript:

CopperDo you have ice cube relays?
Red: No, I only use RIB relays.
Copper: Why?
Red: Here’s 4 reasons why it’s more convenient to use RIB relays. First reason: a RIB relay is one piece. A complete package in one piece. I love that! Second reason: RIB relays are multi-voltage. I hate when I go to a job site with 24 volt ice cube relays, but the project requires 120 volts to power up a relay!
CopperThat drives me crazy about ice cube relays too! Hand over some RIB relays, please.
Red: Wait! I still have two other reasons I like RIB relays more than ice cube relays.  RIB relays have multi-contact ratings which lowers the inventory I need to keep in my van. And one more reason, the ice cube relay requires din rail to be mounted. The RIB relay has multiple installation methods such as conduit and screw mounting. Like I said, they are just so much more convenient.
CopperI need to get some RIB relays!


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