Buy a RIB Relay Online – It’s Easier, Faster and Cheaper



This post is about Reason #3 our customers buy their RIB relays online:  they  save money!

Shopping online makes it easy to comparison shop. has great prices on 100’s of Functional Devices products from a RIB relay to a TR20VA001 to a PSB100AB10.

In Reason #2 to buy a rib relay online I talked about how much time you save buying a RIB relay online. Ordering online is an efficient use of your time. And, we all know Time is Money. Using, you can find and buy what you need – quickly, with NO travel time. 

You may be thinking… what about the shipping costs? How does paying shipping save me money?! First, chances are, you will save money on the item itself. Depending on your location, you may also save on tax. Second, you are saving time. How much is your time worth? Third, you are saving on gas and wear and tear on your vehicle. And finally, you may need to pay shipping costs even if you order the product in person.

And there you have it… buy rib relays and other Functional Devices products from to:

#1: experience convenience,
#2: save time, and
#3: save money!

What are you waiting for?


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