Reason #2 to buy a RIB relay online

My last post talked about how convenient it is to buy a RIB relay online. Reason #2 goes hand in hand with convenience, buying a rib relay online saves you time.

Sometimes shopping online presents you with so many options it is difficult to make a decision about what you need. Not the case when you are purchasing a RIB relay online.

When you need a rib relay, you need a rib relay. Come to Type in the Functional Devices part #. See a picture and read product information. Buy it for a great price. Have your Functional Devices parts shipped directly to you.


You didn’t need to call around to find the part. You didn’t need to drive to pick it up.  You didn’t drive, so you didn’t have to  stop for gas. You didn’t go out, so you didn’t leave your gloves, hat, wallet, [insert what you lose here] anywhere you were along the way – so you didn’t need to spend any time backtracking to find them. And, you didn’t need to make a special stop for a coffee to warm up after being out in the cold winter air.


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